I'm a bilingual graphic artist with eight years of professional experience in web, print, and interactive media. I love to create and listen to music. I also have a passion for the web, illustration, sports, and culture. I believe it's a great time to be a designer.


B.S. Graphic Design / Architecture
Abilene Christian University


Media Designer, Symon Communications '08 - '11
Created web oriented graphics displayed via interactive digital screens for hotels, casinos, hospitals, schools, government agencies, and retail stores from all over the world. Our clients ranged from State Farm to the Hilton hotels, Mandalay Bay Casino, AT&T, Pfizer, Nike, and more. I really enjoyed the challenge of adapting to a different client's branding & style on a daily basis. Our team rebranded the company image recently. It was a great project to be a part of.

We communicated with clients on a regular basis mainly via conference calls. My favorite experience was leading the Metro Dubai System account. The project involved brainstorming sessions with the client, designing the product and installing it in dozens of interactive screens throughout the metro. It was a challenging but rewarding project that required great effort and dedication from our entire team.

  • Employee of the Month '10

Graphic Designer, Hardin Simmons University '06 - '08
Designed and managed the image, collateral, and branding for all university events and departments. Our office met regularly with faculty members ranging from athletics to financial aid to discuss and showcase their graphics. Our team had a close relationship with the manager at a local printer. He taught and encouraged us to learn more about the printing process in order to maximize and push the abilities of their equipment. I believe this proved to be a key factor in our department's ongoing success in the annual Abilene Addy Awards.

  • Photoshop World conference, Las Vegas '06, '07, '08
  • Gold Addy - The Magic Flute Opera Poster '07
  • Silver Addy - Homer Hicolm and the Rocketboys Ad '07, '08
  • Bronze Addy - Hardin Simmons Student Brochure '08

Graphic Designer, Abilene Christian University '04 - '06
Created the logo, brand and image for the Student Tech Support team. Common projects included designing forms, brochures, web banners, t-shirts, and newspaper ads. I enjoyed a really flexible schedule that allowed me to balance work with classes and other extracurricular events.

  • International Students Association President '04
  • Annual Culture Show Director '02, '03, '04
  • Dean List, Trustee Scholarship, and Restricted Scholarship Fund Recipient.